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Why does socialism tend to result in violence and terror? The problem is that absolute democracy creates an absolute executive power, leaving nothing to defend the independence of people. The complex issues that people disagree on can be infuriating, and unlike a system that supports independence, absolute democracy will go ahead and infuriate a lot of people. The only way to ensure a political governance is by force, but when people are infuriated, and people start pointing guns, people get shot. Throughout history the ideal of direct democracy has fooled people, because it doesn't appreciate the whole picture. People have a tendency to want things in accordance to their own ideas, and democracy becomes a hegemonic ploy that devours individuality.

Alternatively, the problem with absolute liberty is that it's physically unsustainable in a finite world, such as limited resources, and regarding the interaction of people, this enclosure is inescapable. Given a state of natural freedom, the analogue structure of power in our society will eventually create a monopoly which devours everything else; a predilection that can never surrender, burning up any survival prospects.

It's not a matter of wanting control, it's a matter of needing something to navigate the wrath of causality, which pure freedom and pure democracy are both blind to. The balance between them however can create something very special; perceptibility, such as Ying and Yang. The relationship between independence and democracy must create that circulatory response. A kind of mixed economy would be a solution, effectively putting a lid on inordinate exploitation, for truth driven sustainability.

In general the essence of democracy only gives society its most popular desires, creating a kind of group animal led by reactionary impulse, with no capacity to overpower its contiguous perception with transcended reason. We need a method for establishing the truth, and also a method for responding to it. Equal rights, education and public discourse is how we discover the inevitability of truth, but there has to be a democratic leadership with a sense of obligation, a transparency that can't hide from the scientific method created by independence.

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Conscious Evolution

Good that we have created games to keep our fight challenged, without having to harm ourselves, for what would we be able to become without fight?
Rats deprived of physical and social play become less intelligent at problem solving; compare this with our society that causes us to avoid and alienate each other, living in boxes and brainwashed into a slave machine that supports the absurdly indulgent of power through an invention of money, information and law. Good and evil don't actually exist, only consciousness in a transition of birth from the animal ego, with arbitrary intelligence.
Such an honorable daydream of humanity is used to distract us from an overpopulation that flows with an addiction to comfort, taken advantage by disqualifying a circulatory wisdom. Free education is not only about the opportunity for people to earn their power through understanding, but so truth can be uncensored,
that reality can prevail.
Only shedding light can ever solve a problem,
as truth inverses evil.

They think sacrifice gives power, that to be rich you must have the poor, but it's a tyrannical fantasy to justify slavery, an apotheosis of ego, the vindictive monster of vanity. Inventions of terrorism and the illusion that strangers want to hurt you is keeping this machine well oiled; we are gears, turning against each other, as our hope is being worn like a mask.
What army could possibly be stronger than an intelligent, healthy and loving people? Art is better when it's not trying to be something because then it can make the best of itself.

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If art is how much love you put into something, it's a power that can be used for good or evil. So love can be evil. But language is not an exact science. It's poetry.

The Grueling Volition

Better to be feared than loved . . . Nonsense. The idea that love can lose its appreciation, like happiness having no context without sadness, is forgetting that reality is astronomical, unlike absolutes. A foundation based on love is not without the pain of existence.

Fear is dealing directly with appreciation by imposing it, but an undesired relationship is less worthwhile. Art is how much love you put into something, and that is what fear is lacking. Such is effort with great reward; love is more difficult than fear. Such is the involuntariness of evil, the easy way out. Without this ability to think beyond ourselves we are effortless, blind, and slave to a weakness. It takes more effort to accomplish that which is good because the universe is objective.

Unconditional love is an understanding of the universe without reason to be jealous. Deception is the cancer of reality.

What is progress exactly when a mild community has everything? We don't need to create more jobs for the sake of creating jobs. We need less damage. There's nothing wrong with slowing down, especially since we are stuck on overdrive in a mode that is producing corrupted garbage. Overfilled by this, we have no capacity to comprehend all we have lost. Magic, a profound understanding, so much of the universe is gone from our experience. We have been programmed by the products of our own artificial mindlessness.

Survival of the fittest no longer applies to being human. Money has changed the game, and the idea of money being energy is horrifying. It's energy that we invented. It's artificial, worse than GMO McDonalds. People who don't deserve it are allowed to have power over other people. It's the entire reason our most egotistical tendencies have completely dominated all of humanity.

You need money to make money, disregarding reality. Not even the strongest or the most intelligent survive, but a weakness of willpower putting horde over everything without restraint, seeking to control the world as only that psychology would see fit, seeking to make an opportunity impossible for anything else.

The natural world is based on independent things which find coexistence, but capitalism inescapably amounts to a homogeneous monopoly. There is nothing efficient about this, mass distribution for example, and despite what our bigoted ego would have, genuine variety is the most tactical advantage. There must be some kind of trickle-up theory to make the best of people, contributable to the greater good.

The greatest treasure is other people.
And so is our life based on life.

Considering population control is hard, but allowing it to climax would become even worse. Not just the increasing strain but for various, random death. Nobody can judge these things we don't know, such as the experiment invested into every person.
If for no moral reason, promoting death is an inefficient waste of experience, and limiting birth has more genetic advantages, just think about it. This could also be motivating if people had to apply for children beyond a few. Allowing overpopulation to ravage and burn itself up is only solving this problem the easiest way,
such as not making the effort.

There's another aspect of strong versus weak, that we have the willpower to do the right thing despite our animal desire, such as fighting addiction, to put mind over matter. We have taken over the world, taken over ourselves, and taken it too far, but we have the opportunity to be conscious, challenged now to put truth and logic before the automatic process that keeps us impounded, while doom is creeping up all around.

Everyone says the world will recover, but that's no guarantee we will. Anyone satisfied with destroying a future of people is purely selfish. It's a crime against humanity that our fate would be in their hands. Letting whatever may happen actually happen is avoiding the effort, taking the easy way out. To do greater than evil is the challenge of existence. We have the chance to become amazing creatures at this time, to make this effort, and our most profound waste of the universe would be failing to embrace it.

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Misadventures of Political Espionage

To anyone who's attempting to undermine this progressive movement of conscious evolution, ask yourself: why defend a system which is single-handedly destroying free speech and variety with a monopoly so narrow minded it has methodically limited our capacity to solve and treat actual problems?

Maybe it has always worked for you, to drive a powerful, effortless car, all this food and water at your fingertips, while enjoying the comfort of a home and life of dazzling entertainment. You have immediate access to an obscene excess without real effort.

You're thoroughly bribed, defending an addiction, a psychotic, comfort addicted, power hungry, utterly irresponsible way of life which is engendering an evolutionary disaster, and you have got to appreciate that. No excuses. The real world is something better than you can imagine. Don't be afraid of allowing it to happen.

Consider also that nature doesn't face you; it doesn't glorify your existence in any way. Yet we have created a society full of signs and slogans, constantly pointing at us with recognition. This and desire at every turn, our sense of self and ego is constantly being stimulated, all the time, all for you, yes you. Commercialism is doing great damage, and our breakdown of community is lending to greed as well by rendering people into more of a survival mode. Greed comes from the self-preservation inside us, that core programming. It's stimulated, and if we forget what we're made of it will undoubtedly come sneaking up to surprise us.

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An Invincible Manipulation

People with power use superiority to create the impression of it. We're surrounded by this bully complex because it was a strategy for self-preservation in nature. But we're at this point when it has become systemically detrimental. The animal ego is not conductive to critical thinking. We need to evolve something else, something greater that transcends the insanity of its obsolescence. We are challenged now to put mind over matter, to actually think with our minds, and not with our cockadoodle.

Landlords are bullies, buying up everything, endeavoring to own people. Why is it legal to own a place that somebody else lives in, just for the sake of robbing them? Making money from money is bad enough without having it create slavery.

Nurse Ratched is a bully, being cool while pushing your buttons. Manipulative power is the worst kind because it's stealthy, remaining unidentifiable to become invincible. Such is the nature of espionage, pulling the strings of a puppet show.

There is a standard strategy by those in power to psychologically discredit something by ignoring it. But how has it been managed that all of society is brainwashed into such a reflexive disbelief of conspiracy? Just think about it. It's pretty weird, because conspiracy is exactly one of the biggest problems we now face. It's not just big money taking over accidently, people are behind it.

Hollywood, the media, and slowly but surely the internet, there is great effort being put into monopolizing free speech. And who's actually in charge, having grown into hundreds of departments and agencies operating over a thousand facilities all over the country. Almost 1 million people now have "top secret" clearance for undisclosed reasons, and there's an unaccountable leech on the treasury that no leaders have the guts to defund.

Whatever the whole truth is, the point is that these forces with leverage all over our system will not willingly ever give up their power, and we're not going to deviate from their agenda by playing a system which they are subversively inventing. They will stretch this out, leading us on, all the while our planet and evolution suffering from this incompetent selfishness.

They don't want independent communities and free education; they want capitalism and mass distribution. They don't want people to earn their power through understanding; they want to control the information and indoctrinate us into their view of reality, conditioning people into a slave machine that supports their own, greed driven authority.

This is what Kennedy tried to say, that free speech is our only weapon against this kind of enemy. But we have to fight. Their determination to confuse us, strip rights and censor communication is an attempt to dilute our advantage. They need to prevent people from uniting against their blatant creation of dependency and domination of our government. We need a unity that the mass can focus upon, and also so that our effort can consolidate, like a laser to perform surgery, to have that strength, the power of the people.

But seriously, what can we do? People have a house to take care of, or a job to keep, even kids to raise. The mass of people is an avalanche, a tremendous momentum pouring through the cracks of our environment. Is somebody supposed to just up and defy what's comfortable when nobody else is? That's madness.

People need an option, something to participate with. There's plenty of outrage but effectively zero opportunity. That power of people is organization, a flagship, something consistent the mass of people can convey and keep track of. That's how you fight the information war and reach people, with the marketing strategies of identity. Occupy was almost that thing, and maybe it still can be. Knowing what really needs to change it shouldn't be able to avoid that mission, no matter what espionage.

Otherwise what, we're the intellectual barbarians of a torpid armageddon, as it becomes so bad everyone will be fighting them anyway in desperation, hopefully to install the right ideas in that rubble, once again for space and time to judge. They've dominated because it's in our animal to be egotistical, and they're not going to give up.

Nothing makes sense, except everything. Gandhi said an eye for an eye will make the whole world blind because people teach each other to use violence to solve problems. Peace will defeat violence because learning has value and war is a childish tantrum. The ultimate leader shouldn't be a person. It should be a foundation of united rights, based on the combination of education and free speech, for without that democracy is nothing but justification.

Sometimes we need leaders to have vision, who can cherish and enhance the participation of others, to organize and make sure things happen; or even make the hard decisions that go against our comfort zones. And sometimes that leader is evil, and it's up to their boss, democracy, education and free speech.

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Startup Program for Communities

Mass distribution is bad, and not just because it's a horrendous waste of energy and resources, and not just because it perverts the quality and anatomy of our food. But because it's a tool for a monopoly to become the sole provider, and private ownership that forcibly affects everyone is a recipe for autocracy. The same monopoly has happened to our media and entertainment, and together with all things we are being automatized and contained by a singular world view. Crappy music with repetitive hooks will dominate our experience.

We're in this together, our turn to face the weather, the universe.

Global calamity is already approaching as a result of pollution. We don't even know what's too late. That's more than enough reason to demand some change right now. The scariest thing is that most people, the mass of people, brainwashed with consumerism and addicted to comfort, don't care about the world. It's too big, and being alive is complicated enough without having to comprehend such a threat. The system around us needs to change, but we cannot just change things because such interconnectedness has been established, groomed carefully into a dependency.

This is something with positive, multifaceted impact and feasibility, to wean ourselves and relieve mass distribution, and this can be done with independent communities. Consider that 10 pounds of fuel is attached to every pound of food 4 billion people eat. Consider also how much fuel this living where you work model would save us. The common philosophy with communities is 20-30 hour work weeks, which is less stress and also more jobs.

We absolutely must take care of our food, more than anything. Communities such as this could be self-providing as well as distributing to the surrounding vicinity. It would save a huge amount of fuel, cause that much less pollution, and reduce the need for preservatives or GMO. Also, we're naturally social creatures. This kind of interaction and free education is vital and creates more developed skill with open-minded critical thinking and problem solving.

There is plenty of space that can be transformed into things like this, but to overhaul our system at large, establishing independent communities would really need something to help this become prolific. Such as a government program that could fund the beginning stages, but that is extremely dependent on change, especially with the control big money has. Otherwise anything in this direction is going to be slow, difficult, and viciously opposed by those who profit from mass distribution.

For that matter, capitalism is doing so much damage because anything is up for grabs, such as food, water, energy, etc. We need public ownership of vital resources and necessities, limited and regulated by a truly democratic government. This planet and its problems belong to everyone.

The definite thing about change is that it requires change. Independence of community is key to making a functional system that can promote education and free speech. This can make food healthy, significantly cut pollution, and nurture society. If it doesn't make possible a world without the perverted energy of money, it can help in starting to create one similar.

Life needs to be based on life, for insanity is the true believing of things that are not real, and how that will conflict with reality.