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The Cancer of Logic
(a vary rough draft)

There is functionality inherent in anything which is meant to be. Nature will settle on things inaway that works, while intervention is proving to produce things which cannot work, like pollution. Evolution is a slow process for a good reason, and we are upsetting this in a very short time, failing to appreciate this cause of a cancer-like malfunction in both our physical and mental structures. We invent things which literally cause cancer, reaching far beyond our scope, and continue to ignore that natural solutions are a way to unequivocally avoid this.

The world has evolved over a vast time based on what was possible for animals (call that natural), then we became creative and are doing things evolution has never prepared for. That is how it is like cancer, when it explodes without restraint. Our creativity, something new which has separated us from animals, having been wielded by animal intention, like a kid with a gun, has done just that. The idea is by combining things outside their natural progression, they will mathematically produce a logical result, even if that result is functionally inappropriate.

So initially, something opened our minds to creativity, and consequently our means to understanding things. As animal solution was combined with this creative solution, you could say that all hell broke loose. Given unintended dimensions, ego and fear (fight and flight) had a new arena to manifest in regardless. Patterns repeat because everything is math, and math is always math. Like cancer will create things that don't work, it created things that are not real: ownership and mortality issues, with a fear of being wrong, and the need for being right. They are false intentions we evolve upon, which continue to be delusive, layering the collidescope with false information. This is the definition of insanity, believing in things that are not real, and how that conflicts with a world which is real.

- Ego -

While the few of us horde, most of us suffer, and thriving this way must drive evolution crazy. Anyone who's been alive long enough can tell you, clams and starfish used to gather at river mouths, insects and birds filled the air, and people radiated an aura of their ability to think. The ocean is dead, the air is dead, and the souls of people are dead, but we can't appreciate this because we have nothing to compare it to. Everyone being equal is a mutual opportunity, to find and ensure the best solutions survive. Sharing opens all doors, but this product of domination will close them, lock them, and prevent natural variety by an extensive establishment. This must be realized, the strong person is not surviving; the weak-minded, self-indulging are. They have twisted and popularized that to have life you must take it, as a deception to excuse the extravagant behavior, but a good person would never commit the same crimes against humanity. Think of it this way, evil has created a game, it's the only one playing, and therefore continues to win.

- Money -

Having a materialistic system directly influencing life makes life into something we can fight over, and produces an avenue that perpetually effects things undeservingly. There's responsibility implied in being a caretaker, and sheer truth in returning it to the future. Money is not real because neither is ownership, and basing life on anything besides life will create itself thusly. Within a system of slavery, such as money, not everyone can contribute, while the few with monopoly can decide everything, and this continues to make money the evolutionary factor, derailed beyond the path of reality. You can even make money off of money, which is absolutely absurd and a waste of our effort.

The medical industry is enormously just that, an industry feeding off the mal-education surrounding health. They have every reason to keep people sick if that is how they make money. Educational systems are hoarding information for the purpose of selling it, like technology in general, packaging and upgrading, as if truth was a cash-crop. Even poisoning our food with genetic modifications just for the sake of patenting, ownership of the food supply. A simple solution being best exemplifies the overcomplicating of something real with anything that isn't. Without money, doctors could actually cure people, media could focus on content, education could be free, power can be given appropriately, and our work in general, especially that of the government, could actually base decisions on life, to make that the evolutionary factor.

While causing things to go wrong, money also makes some things possible that were not without it, and it's a useful crutch for keeping people participating in fairness (theoretically). But to survive we'll have to put mind over matter and somehow grow up, disconnecting money from our predominant evolution. So often the entirety of something parallels the individuality within it. Money doesn't need to exist; everything still gets done based entirely on people wanting to have things done. If you ever have experienced an emergency situation, you should know there is something you like about it, something that feels like an absence of time. That is life based on life, what you might as well call gods kingdom.

- Conceptual Influence -

Never before have so many people become addicted to something like the internet. Everybody has their head in a phone or computer. News has become a trivial thing, like all entertainment, we are comfortably numb. It's no wonder how art becomes completely absent of love, and led entirely by sex. We are taught to win at any cost as quickly and cost efficiently as possible, the opposite of quality and honesty. We are consequently indulging in things that are designed to seduce us. Ego is promoted excessively, while the products are rarely respected. Nature doesn't face you, yet we have created a sign for everything constantly pointing to us, continuously cultivating that ego and sense of self; everything is looking at you, all for you, yes you.

Multimedia is the most powerful canvas created, and likewise can be the most dangerous learning when recklessly demonstrated. Constantly learning, we are constantly teaching. One insult leads to another, and mental addictions are a flourishing vampirism. Wise men know nothing because ego will cloud the music, like gossip rules with an inventional thrist. There is a mental and martial art of becoming familiar that we do truly learn from, but that intention of understanding is needed to genuinely receive it. Consider that existence is the most accurate thing, it is free, and it is absolutely everywhere. When you honestly learn from that, you should never know anything.

- Physical Influence -

Addiction has that accumulating jeopardy. Cigarettes being a great example, since you don't need them until you have them. We have created a chemical warfare that nature never intended, some of which actually destroy the brains in our head. Such as Cocaine and Meth having this effect of enhancing an ego, which has the most transitive impact. Falling in line with unnatural things being dysfunctional, we access this artificially, concentrating and ingesting things that nature had never otherwise made possible (nature and time will murderously destroy anything which causes a problem). It's amazing how a drug can alter the state of mind. Think of all the genetically altered food, the vaccines, chemtrails, fluoride, and so much more. Are we really still who we think we are? Our minds and hearts are strong, but drugs have a way of misshaping our body to permenantly damage it.

It's interesting however, that the drugs which developed in nature, such as magic mushrooms and especially marijuana, actually have positive effects on our body and are the least destructive drugs known to us. Seriously, the moral of this entire story is that nature has spent the most time learning and already knows what is best.


Language is not an exact science, so consider this simply: animal solution will have us devour, while creative solution has given us power, and the logic of cancer will create that exactly. The social organism corresponds to its composition, so the whole thing reinforces itself thrustly. There is a realm of transition that is not being nurtured, a witnessing for distinction that implements every stage of development. If we don't grow up and put mind over matter, music and math will rightfully judge this. We must do things intentionally, or effortlessly devour ourselves accidentally. Given such an opportunity at stake, if you don't know when too late is, that may as well be right now.

Breeding denial can only stress something progressively unhealthy. Take some historical evidence of the self-obstructive empires for the lack of responsibility they were. Are we just another narcissistic conclusion of unrealistic dilution, or can we escape this unsustainable pattern of government failure? We shun what is genocide, yet for luxury and monopoly, are willing to dispute what is globally approaching. Consider this hell we offer future generations for the crime against humanity that really is, and this breeding corruption for the complete disaster of maturity. Fear of change has become an emergency, and the nature of addiction will oppose us extremely. We would certainly have to rediscover just about everything, but don't pretend in all your excuses that we are actually so lazy.

. . .