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Tower of Political Babble

The more you talk about something the less you experience and the more you invent it, until everything you see is masquerading as what you expect. Things become larger than life, and more complicated than they truly are. Every impression continuously changes the conversation, which will go on forever. Language is always creating a digital sample from something enormously analog.

Our political language has been muddled with sinuosities to avoid the truth, maintaining a state of no conclusion and confusion. While we're trying to tame and soothe these political concepts, tyrants are doing what they always do creating their own position of power. Don't forget we created this game which continues to be invented; meanwhile reality and life are amused to be watching us make fools of ourselves.

Beyond the immediate range of our senses is a mental construct, a scheme of belief, expectation, and selected facts, but no matter how subjective we still follow the contiguous forces of the world around us. There is nothing to chaperone the government or champion the truth but ourselves, yet we are caught in a landslide of mass that only our system can now operate.

We need a system that can make decisions based on life which cannot be manipulated by illusory things such as money. It's the ideas themselves that should have equal rights to be considered good or bad, and not only for the person who can buy their own, good or bad. We need communities, education, strong health and good food, not a perverted evolutionary track based on adulterated judgment and deception.

How can anybody disagree with equal rights, which serve to promote and cultivate the progress of our ability? We all have the right to be whatever we can be, and nobody has the right to ruin that for anyone else. We are fighting to be conscious from something animal, and this critical thinking, independent, divining freedom can save us.

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Living Inside A Box
will dumb you down

People are not the same, and there are a great number of people who cannot force themselves to think inaway that someone else has decided they should. Meaning we have created a system that forces everybody to be the same in most ways. Those of us who are different become suffocated and converted to malfunction; transformed into criminals by an experience of being ostracized or incarcerated (learning to hate and avert from a system that treats you with hate and battery). All without that opportunity to live in ourselves and the diverse experiment that will always create.

But we inherit a programming not to be trusting, always exacerbating fear and dislike. With some lack of communication we end up feeling threatened. That single-mindedness develops into a monopoly and we now have fallacious ideas that depopulation and cream of the just are what makes humanity strong, only cultivating a narcissistic normalization. Despite animal desire, it is our variety and ability to share both working together which expatiates the resources we have to solve problems and prevail.

Luke Skywalker expressed this well as he celebrated the goodness in his father instead of destroying it; encouraging the intelligence as opposed to embellishing some failure. You have to appreciate that yourself alone cannot truly understand anything else. There is no good reason to measure people because we are different, and to narrow the scope of humanity is committing a crime against it. All over the world it is overdue that we recognize this mad, jealous ego for what it is and grow up.

If we all spent time without that comfort of possession we might remember how accessible life really is and maybe stop being so afraid of it and each other. We have so much stolen from us in that desperation to keep everything we've been made so absolutely to think that we need. You can understand why it's not okay to be sleeping in the dunes, because if it were, those dunes would be full of our criminals, but then again, if it were okay we would not be creating those criminals. A functional world can be that compromise between technology and nature, when nature becomes part of life again and not just technology.